The Canoe Man
Animated Guy Paddling Canoe

On The Road With Don . . .
somewhere in Wyoming,
hauling canoes and kayaks
from factories in Canada and
Minnesota to stores in the
Western USA. Climb in the
crew cab and come along,
if the idea of 100,000 miles
a year doesn't bother you.
Rough job . . . But hey . . .
Someone's gotta do it!

Don, somewhere in Wyoming

Sheltie Puppy

Meet my new partner, Buddy the Sheltie.
Born in January, he took his first trip in
April, and is already proficient at reading
maps, detecting radar, guarding the truck,    
carrying on intelligent conversations, and
making sure I get plenty of exercise.

Buddy and
Don bringing
canoes and
Current Design
kayaks to a
retail store
near you.

Somewhere in Colorado

Driving Distances between Selected USA Cities
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destination at right.
Or, if you are feeling
particularly contrary
today, vice versa.
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