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Novels of Prehistoric America

9,000 years ago two great tribes faced extinction.
But one woman warrior would not go down in history
...without giving them a future.



Nine thousand years ago a band of people
called the Shahala faced famine. Yet their
Moonkeeper, the woman Ashan, foresaw hope,
and led them across the Tabu land and on to
Humankind's destiny.

Ahead lay a savage and volatile people who
needed to learn the Moonkeeper's ways; a
woman with secrets that could destroy Ashan's
love for her mate, Tor; and a terrifying dream
journey toward death. Now as the Shahala's
quest for survival begins, the first seeds of the
nation would grow or perish on the banks of a
mighty river . . . in a long-ago eon called the
Misty Time.
Cover - Children of the Dawn

Warner Books ~ September 1996
Available in paperback at Bookstores, and on the Internet at



The cascading river roared between canyon
walls, and there, on the edge of lush grass-
lands, a determined band of people called the
Shahala prepared for their new Moonkeeper.

But the young woman called Ashan knew her
people faced vast changes. Soon, challenging
the old ways and led by troubling visions, she
and a brave hunter named Tor would travel
pathways the Shahala never trod . . . from
the Misty Time to the bright beginning when
humanity's true future would be born.
Cover - Keepers of the Misty Time
Warner Books ~ April 1994
Available in paperback at Bookstores, and on the Internet at

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  • Reviews of

    The Las Vegas Sun:
    A fine historical novel, loaded with excitement.
    Barbara Bickmore, author of Homecoming:
    A moving book of haunting beauty and emotional power. One of the best historical novels I've ever read.
    Romantic Times Magazine:
    Rating: 4-1/2 (Exceptional) - Children Of The Dawn, Ms. Rowe's sequel to Keepers Of The Misty Time, embraces a haunting, emotional story of forbidden love that draws on the archetypes we all carry in our souls. A must read for those who want to get lost in a book and feel they are alongside the characters.
    Rendezvous Magazine:
    Haunting, beautiful, moving saga takes you on a remarkable journey to a period of time nine thousand years ago called the Misty Time. An excellent subjective presentation about the ancestors of the Plateau Indians who lived in southern Washington State. Ms. Rowe, a talented storyteller, leaves you wanting more. Superb!!
    Ingrams Book Distributors:
    In the bestselling tradition of Clan of the Cave Bear comes the epic saga sequel to Keepers of the Misty Time. Exquisitely written and thoroughly researched, this novel grew out of the author's fascination with the People of the Misty Time, a real-life tribe that lived more than 9,000 years ago in the area that is now Washington state. Original.

    Reviews of

    Naomi M. Stokes, author of "The Tree People":
    Enthralling...Beautifully written, about real men and women you will care deeply about. Fans of Jean Auel and Linda Lay Shuler will eat this one up and clamor for more!
    Romantic Times:
    Nominated for Best Historical Novel of 1994. A compelling and thought-provoking tale that impels the reader on a mystical journey. Ms. Rowe's lyrical prose and powerful storytelling ability are sure to garner her legions of fans.
    Ms. Rowe weaves a tale set in prehistoric time that is spellbinding and mesmerizing... This one is a "keeper"--outstanding--a book you'll enjoy no matter how many times you read it.
    Ingram Book Distributors:
    Nine thousand years ago the People of the Misty Time lived along the Pacific Northwest's mighty Columbia River. They were led by women, and one, the spiritual leader known as the Moonkeeper, became such a great power that her image was carved in the great stone cliffs . . . and remains there to this day. This is her story. Original.

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